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The Liberation Of the African Mind: The Key To Black Salvation - An Introduction Of The Book 2/2

Having spent over thirty years in the study of these various subjects including the study of Othodox Christion scripture and beliefs I hope to contribute to bringing some clarity to what has been accepted without question, namely Christian doctrines and beliefs. In doing so Ishall use the language that is most familiar. There is no other book as well read among Blacks that have embraced Christianity´s perspective of God and his plan of man. For this reason I have chosen to use some Biblical quotes as an Authority.

This is not a book that supports the status quo. We should all recognize that what we´ve been doing isn´t working. This is a book by an African man in America who loves and honors the truth. This is therefore first a book for all seekers of Truth. It is a book for all those who sincerely seek to heal, unite, elevate, and liberate African Americans and the world.

"If you have ever driven throuth thick fog, you know how it restricts the view and distorts familiar objects along the roadway; how it closes in and circumscribes the range of vision, concealing the beauties of vista and perspective. Even your headlights do not pierce it indeed their light is often reflected back upon you and increases your difficulty. Until the fog lifts there is no clarity of vision. It is just so with ignorance I do not mean illiteracy. The most learned person may still be ignorant of many things. Our knowledge of the objective world may be accurate, systematic, and to a certain degree complete. But without wisdom we propel our lives through a fog of ignorance that accepts the limitations of evil and error and that cannot get beyond the petty personal point of view. Until the fog is dispelled the ignorant mind faces an incomplete universe." (Richard Linch in: Know Thyself)

In conclusion, all men are created equal by the creator and by necessity are endowed with the creator with the Creator´s divine nature. In addition to our divine natures we each have a human nature. The crisis we face is a spiritual crisis. At present, the natural man is "The god of this world". It is incubent on all men to "Put on immorality and incorruptibility" which means to let the spirit man, the divine man reign in this critical issue. This is worshipping God "in Spirit and in Truth". Each race must address this critical issue. This is the onls solution to our many problems ! The "human race" is all about the race to the spiritual perfection in this life.

This bokk should read by every person interested in the impowerment and liberation of Africans in America. It is my hope that it will contribute to the cause of Spiritual freedom for many African Americans. The three volumes comprise a comprehensive review and analysis of the cause of;
- 1 The current crisis in race relations,
- 2 Self-hatred and Self-destructive behavior among blacks,
- 3 Moral decay,
- 4 Drug addition and related crime,
- 5 The crisis in black leadership,
- 6 Black disunity,
- 7 Economic underdevelopment,
- 8 Political impotence, and most importantly,
- 9 The reason the black Church has failed to address this "crisis" and demonstrate they are the "Light of the World". In addition, and this is critical, together the three volumes provide a comprehensive plan of action for the solution to the problem. Together, indeed, they represent the illusive but powerful, "Key to Black Salvation" and the "Liberation of the African Mind".

About the Author:

Adisa became a Baptist minister in 1983. He has over fifteen years of ministerial experience including time spent serving as an Assistant Pastor. He served as Director of Education for ministerial Alliance. He is dynamic lecturer and teacher. He has researched for over twenty five years in preparation writing this book. This book, the first of three volume series is for him a labor of love and part of a ministry of reconciliation. He is a veteran social activist. He believes that God´sons and daughters must be reconciled to God in spirit and in truth.

His vision:
A powerful united Black Church working to build new institutions that will restore a race and empower Black families and communities for generations to come. In Adisa we see a combination of visionary, missionary, and teacher. In his words: "For Blacks Christianity is a badge od dishonor. It is the religion of the conquerors. By confessing to be Christians, African Americans dishonor their ancestors and demonstrate to the world that they willingly accept the position of servant giventhem by the framers of Christian dogma and doctrine."

21 .01. 2007

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