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The Liberation Of the African Mind: The Key To Black Salvation - An Introduction Of The Book 1/2

The Liberation Of the African Mind: The Key To Black Salvation - An Introduction Of The Book

by Adisa Franklin*

The very "Cornerstone of the Temple" was rejected by those who claimed to be the builders and keepers of the Temple. Surely the light was Africa and Western man knew it not. In ancient times the light of the World was in Africa. This fact was covered up and denied and a flse picture has been presented to the world concerning the origin of Western mans religious sytem. It is time that the truth is told.

"The reason is simple. The early opostolic fathers of Christianity have long known that what they call Christianity today is nothing more than a reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian religious doctrines and practices of faith. If they acknowledge that Ancient Egypt was black civilization, it would mean they also have to acknowledge that the concepts and doctrines of Christianity are ancient black African creations."

"Secretly, Christian Europe has been fighting off the name and image of Ancient Egypt that have loomed rather too largely over the history and practice of Christianity for over two thousand years. This is because it would be inconsistent with early Christian leader´s pronouncement of African Religion as "Pagan," and it would be inconsistent with European socio-political perception of itself as superior one and Africans as the inferior ones. How would it sound to hear that Christion Europe adopted "pagan" Africa´s Concepts and doctrines of religion, or superior and civilized Europe merely redesigned inferior and primitive Africa´s ancient civilization into modern civilization ?" (Dr. Nana B. D. Darkwah)

Yet this what happened and its time time African American Christians learned this book truth. This book has a "prophetic" message. Please do not reject its message until you have examined all of the testimony. This book is presented as a beacon of light in a land grown dark with the stench of materialism. Despite the numerous churches on every corner, the people still walk in spiritual darkness and confusion. Too many are ignorant of the Laws pertaining to Live and worshiping God on an instinctual level. It is a dark time because man is out of tune with these laws, nature and the universe. This is true because he is operating with a faulty knowledge base belief structure. A corrupted version og the truth has been substituted and accepted as authentic. The truth has been compromised. As in the sphere of philosophy, education, and history, the truth has been altered and corrupted by and in the Religious world. Western (Europe) thought has ets base in judeo-Christian beliefs, values and dogmas. These beliefs, values and dogmas have been accepted and internalised as valid by African Americans. Theses are the invisible chains and shackles that blind our minds, and limit our spiritual growth and development.

It is time we took a stand against this "flood of false-hood" and set a new standard in the land. A Spiritual "Matrix" must be established to replace the Matrix of materialism. Materialism is the world outlook of the natural who has not discerned the "hidden man" ofthe heart as him-self. To stand fo the truth is to stand for God the Creator and His master plan for man. This book reflects the authors efforts to take that stand and sound the call and invitation to all that read to do likewise. This is the real solution because it adresses the real problem; the root cause of the illness in our world is spiritual ignorance. Inability to discern this is the reason for our failure to heal ourselves and create a sane and humane world.

I must address an apparent contradiction in this work. My reason for quoting the Bible as a type of autority on certain matters and at other times appearing to be critical to it. First of all the moral teachings of Christianity are correct, there is no one who would argue with teaching people not to steal or kill. It is the doctrines or theories and interpretations that must be questioned today.

The Bible has undergone considerable change since it was introduced to the world. It is preseted to the world as Word of God. The New Testament is written by Eropeans and presented as God´s final revelation and authority. When the fact that the Bible is not original but a version of earlier sacred text with some additions is uncovered, many eyes will be opened. The Bible in its present form is a book that has been tainted by much revision and the overlay of another people´s world outlook over the world view of people that were the originators of the first sacred writtings.

The original contributors of sacred text were of dark hue and they lived in Africa. Their sacred writings have provided the foundation for all other sacred writings including and especially the Christian Bible. For this reasoneven the Bible itself can bring clarity to the dark doctrines created by ones aho where not dark in hue but in character.

We acknowledge such contributions as Augustine and other men of color that impacted on Christinity´s early development. Augustine is given credit for developing the "Doctrine of Depravity". He can be considered one of the founding Fathers of Christianity. But we must recognize that the dominant force in the shaping and promotion of Christianity however has been Western man. This is easily recognized in the attempt to make the Jesus of Scripture of European descent.

The ability to "rightly divide" the Bible begins with much study of the Bible but must end with the study of Ancient African Apiritual knowledge of metaphysics as well as an understanding of ancient signs, symbols and terms. Metaphysics would include numerology, astrology and the knowledge of the meaning of colors. The B ible uses all these to teach the spiritual and prophetic lessons we all need to learn.

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