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Message to Negro Elite : Stop the Enslavement of the African

While People Of African Descent Do Not Seek To Convert Anybody, Everyone Wishes To Convert Them To Something... Do The Chinese, The Hindus, The Eskimos, The South Americans Seek To Convert Us To Their Religion ? No. Only Those Who Committed The Greatest Crime Against Humanity, Slavery, Who Still Want To Convert Us. We Must All Become Aware Of This !

Message to Negro Elite : Stop the Enslavement of the African

by Dr. Mubabinge Bilolo

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Merchants of the Bible and the Coran, Dear Pastors, Prophets and Messiahs of Allah or Jehovah " the blond blue eyed god,” Founders of Churches and Temples of Mediocrity, Cease making our people stupid !!! Please, stop wasting your time. Every group of people have their God. The Jews have theirs and we, the Africans have ours. The authors of the Bible and the Coran do not have any enviable qualities. After death, we will go where Mungu-Maweja and our ancestors, black like us are. Negro-Evangelists are unable to answer these basic questions :

What is your goal by following all this biblical propaganda ?

Is Israel a model for us ?

Is Sharon a model for us ?

Is Arafat a model for us ?

Is Bush or Blair a model ?

Is the Vatican a model for us ?

Are the Christians of Ireland a model for us ?

Is the Klu-Klux-Clan a model for us ?

If so, which model ?

A model of violence, oppression, barbarism, physical, cultural, mental and spiritual domination of man by man ? Isn’t the cross the place where the members of the Klu-Klux-Clan burned African-Americans and raped our mothers and sisters in the USA ? The same symbol was used in South Africa.

Why would the assassination of Jesus be the object of worship and not the assassination, the enslavement and the rape of African people ? Do you have one day off to commemorate the victims of the African Holocaust, of the klu-klux-clan, of colonization, of apartheid ?

You want us to cease being Bantus, who taught Jesus-Christ good manners (he would have died a barbarian had it not been for his trip to Africa), to become like these wild animals, like these Judeo-Christians and Islamic destroyers of tradition and culture ? You want to spread the cultures and the religions of death, violence, inhuman and immoral behaviour in Africa. Didn’t the model of the Western Christians, George Bush and his disciples Blair and Rumsfeld, show us by their images of torture in Iraq, the quintessence of the will of their God ? Their mission was biblical. Liberation comes by killing, plundering, raping and by torturing.

In Africa, Rwanda is the country with the largest number of Christians. For some years now it has sunk into the vilest forms of barbarism. The conversion of some Africans to Christianity is nothing more than the promotion of the process of dehumanization in Africa, the promotion of cruelty and barbarism. The relationship between the Palestinians and the Jews was copied by the Tutsis and the Hutus with all its inevitable consequences. Rwanda is an example of an African nation which has become Christianized.
A call to true Africans

We call upon true African people to adopt a law to put an end to the proliferation of all these centres of indoctrination and dehumanization ; to found private pychiatric clinics and ccntres of religious detoxification in Africa, in the Caribbean, in the USA and Latin America. Science is there to fight ignorance, lies, half-truths, blindness, distortions, falsifications and to cure physical, psychological and intellectual diseases. That is what I do. Neither the Christian nor Islamic religion is a model for us. They are basically and primarily chaotic and against Maat. Even the Jesus that you quote is not a model for a true African.

The true African, is and was, a model for Jesus, and not the reverse. In Africa we have our religion, our theology, our morals, our concept of God, and the hereafter, of life, of death, of Bumuntu bwa Muntu. A lofty concept without equal in the entire galaxy.

You frighten our children with the myth of the devil. The "Devil" does not exist in the African imaginary world. It belongs to the judeo-Christian and judeo-Islamic myth. The Devil is a fiction, an absolutely useless, mythical figure in the spiritual universe of the African and an instrument used in theological and artistic racism. I, Bilolo, am an African, I am a Muntu-Luba. I am proud of my Africanness. I follow African theology, spirituality and morals as written down in the texts of the Valley of the Nile for more than 6,000 years and confirmed by the teachings of our ancestors the Zulu, the Luba, the Kongo, the Lega, the Mongo, the Dogon, the Bambara, the Bassa, the Woolof, the Lunda, the Banyaruanda, the Banyaurundi, the Massai, the Kikuyu, the Herero, the Khoi-Khoi, etc. I command all you merchants of the Bible and the Coran to stop enslaving the African mind immediately. The African does not want to become like Jesus. Jesus does not have any significance for us and does not correspond to any of our expectations. He is a nice fellow, initiated into the moral and spiritual values of the Nile Valley. It is these African moral values that others admire or criticize him for and nothing else. I want to become a Muntu-Muntu, a Muntu mene-mene, a Muntu-wa-Kalolo ; "a true Man," achieving and incarnating as much as possible Bumuntu bwa Muntu "mankind,” the “human values in Man" following the example of Bende-wa-Maweja, of Ashanti known as Echnaton, of Shabaka, king of the Valley of the Nile, of Lumumba, of Steve Biko, of Chaka-Zulu, of Mandela, of Kimpa, etc. THESE are our models.

[ AUSÁR (OSIRIS), the most popular God of Kemet, Ancien Egypt ]

I conclude by saying : to hell with the god of slave traders. The devil is the god of slave traders. Spare us your biblical and coranic diabolism. I wish you Bukole bwa Moyo, " Life force (strength)" from the God Osiris-Mungu-Maweja-Tatu-Nzambi-wa-Bankolo, - wa-Bankulunkulu " Father-of-Our-Ancestors." Emancipate yourself from Spiritual Slavery.

May he give you the necessary force so that you can liberate yourselves from spiritual slavery so that you can participate in the fight against the enslavement of African people.

The time has come to divorce yourself from this alienating spirituality, to stand up and to publicly promote the spiritual values of Kemit.

Have the courage to publicly confess that you are neither a Christian nor a Moslem !

You are an African, the son or the daughter of a great African man, Auser (Osiris) and a great African woman, Aset (Isis), you are the living image of Atum-Imana-Ra-Mungu-Nzambi-Wa-Moyo.

Translated from French by africamaat


23 .09. 2008

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