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Büchervorstellung: Black Spark, White Fire - Did African Explorers Civilize Ancient Europe ?

Black Spark, White Fire: Did African Explorers Civilize Ancient Europe ?

von Andrew Herron

This book is quite a work of art. Richard Poe uses his journalistic ability to create a concise introduction to the „African School of classical History and Egyptology“. Before I go any further however, allow me to preface my relationship with the work. I am a senior at the same high school Mr. Poe attended slightly more than 20 years ago. We share the same Latin teacher who has introduced us to the classical world.

The school considers itself a liberal institution (private day). And yet it is mired in racial ignorance and eurocentricism. Only last year was the cry heard that there needed to be a course in African history. And we still have a long way to go. Although this is my last year at the school, I hope that the afrocentric curriculum will continue to expand, and hopefully that the works of Bernal and Poe will enter into the mainstream. To rebutt the assertion that blacks are only good for two things, slave labor and amusement.

Someone really needs to research the evolution of the modern slave trade. In the great days of the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, the African continent was regarded as one of the greatest resources for learning and craftsmanship. When the kingdoms of central Africa fell there was still a wealth craftsmanship. The europeans saw this and decided to exploit it.

[ Richard Poe ]

The only reason Africans were enslaved is because the Europeans didn't know how to do the work themselves, they had relied on slave and serf chattle to do their work for them since the era of Greece. This is inconsequential to Poe's thesis however. If it pleases you then simply pretend the Egyptians were, in fact caucasoid. The absolute truth of the matter is that Egypt is in Africa and has provided us with civilization. As far as the rating I gave it, less than perfect, I feel that Poe relies too heavily on the Freemason arguement. Just a feeling. Oh, to all of you bigots thinking that I'm merely acting as a "Black radical," I'm "white". Doesn't matter to me though, race is a construct.