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An African on Ouattara and France Crime in Côte d´Ivoire

An African on Ouattara and France Crime in Côte d´Ivoire

The people of Africa have no rights to elect their “own” officials. It is very sad and unfortunate that colonial powers have to take their guns and flush out African people will. There is no law in this new world order…Just pick your powerful friends, create a rebellion and take over POWER. Gbagbo is too human to last in power. He loves too much his country, and for the sake of peace, he buried himself by allowing Wattara in the elections. The UN is the current world disease killing Africans: Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, etc… and now Ivory Cost. Obama and Sarkozy must go too. They are bad news for Africa. In this case, they favored friendship over Africans’ will.

It is sad and unfortunate when hope becomes a nightmare. Wattara cannot even move a small crowd…he had to move foreign armies to take over power! I hope the Lord will respond to restore Ivoirian people will. Everything was unlawful from start to today. Nobody is to stand on the side the truth and the law: sad, sad, sad and unfortunate this world’s in scramble! Never in the world will the Ivorian Nightmare happen. OBAMA and SARKOZY! The world is now about friendship and mafia. When you want to get rid of your cat and have your propaganda media, accuse the cat of rabies and kill it! Law and truth are dead in Africa. By the way, I am African, not Ivoirian. I love Cote d’Ivoire and can only side the truth.