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Jesse Lee Peterson - The Black Monkey of Christmas attack KWANZAA

Jesse Lee Peterson - The Black Monkey of Christmas attack KWANZAA*

by Terrence

[ A monkey will keep doing tricks as long as it is rewarded. ]

Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of BOND, a community organization located in Los Angeles, is at it again with his schizophrenic anti-black antics. Jesse and his Primate Pack are extolling Christmas by denouncing Kwanzaa. Their latest antagonistic tool to shame the black community is the, "Merry Christmas! Not Happy Kwanzaa!" campaign.

What a farce.

Every year around this time, you can always anticipate some conservative monkeys to throw around their shit just like real monkeys at the St. Louis Zoo. The black (and non-black) conservative groundswell of bloggers, authors, columnists, pundits, politicians, and regular citizens etc. launch frivolous aggressive attacks on a season that has principles that could make ultra conservatives, in general, weep with pride. But rarely do they talk about the principles of Kwanzaa, and when they do they skew the meanings. They also call the celebration "pagan" and "un-African", which is an attempt to shame and make the celebration unauthentic. Kwanzaa is as original as Thanksgiving and Mother's Day - and there's nothing wrong with that.

The biggest gripes these Negro conservatives (and many non-black conservatives) have with Kwanzaa is that Dr. Maulana Karenga is an ex-con that created the season only for blacks. Considering that Dr. Karenga started Kwanzaa in the 60's - an era of "Black Power" - it is plausible Kwanzaa could have been initially targeted exclusively to African-Americans/blacks. However, I'm not exactly sure about this nor do I care. Events and celebrations evolve.

One could argue the Christmas season has evolved from a celebration of Christ to a sell-a-bration for retailers and corporations and their bottom lines. Many people are turned off by the commercial influences of Christmas. Yet, The Pack isn't campaigning against Christmas' commercialism. Can you hear the crickets? On the other hand, one could suggest that Kwanzaa has evolved from a "black pride" season of harvest to one that has become "less black", more inclusive, and more about a celebration of principles of empowerment by which anyone can embrace.

The Pack also claims that Kwanzaa is a "phony" or "made up" African-American holiday. Well excuse me, but aren't all holidays except Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas "made up"? Why would an African-American focused celebration be less valuable than any other because it is "made up"? The Pack has argued that Kwanzaa is being urged (or had been urged) as a substitute for Christmas.
Is this a crime? Do all black people in The Pack's America have to celebrate the holiday the pack deems most appropriate? I don't think so.

Have they not gotten that America is a diverse country of people, interests, and religions? These people love to tout their "American" virtues, but America's strength is her diversity as long as people can respect it. The Pack has delusions of oneness or sameness that simply doesn't and won't ever exist. When will some humans learn that we all do not have to be alike? If Jesse and his pack do not want to celebrate Kwanzaa it is their prerogative, just like it others privilege not to celebrate Christmas.

Although Jesse and The Pack claim that they are interested "educating the public" about Kwanzaa, it seems their real motivation is to shame African-Americans/blacks out of celebrating the 7-day harvest. African-Americans and those who celebrate need to be aware of this annual stunt. It is my hope that while The Pack is trying to educate the public about Kwanzaa and Dr. Karenga's criminal history, they would in turn educate the public about the criminals and thugs celebrated on President's Day, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving in the process. (I will cover in more detail in Part II).

Last, Peterson's organization, BOND, is said to help men redeem themselves. Bond's mission statement is "Rebuilding The Family, By Rebuilding The Man". When taking this statement into account, perhaps Peterson could hire Dr. Karenga as a consultant to his organization. Dr. Karenga paid his debt to society, changed his life, became a two-time PhD, and the department head of Black Studies at California State University—Long Beach. He could be a good resource for Peterson.

As a Christian, I would likely befriend Dr. Karenga over Jesse Lee anyday. Dr. Karenga "rebuilt" his life, as he was entitled, and offered a people a exciting tool for self empowerment that has grown worldwide. On the other hand, Jesse Lee wants to carry on with monkey business.

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Jesse Lee Peterson - The Ultimate (Christmas) Hustler - Part II

by Terrence

Top, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ben Franklin, Bottom, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Jesse Lee Peterson]

Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of Los Angeles-based BOND, is attacking Kwanzaa by implementing his 'Merry Christmas, Not Happy Kwanzaa' campaign. Kwanzaa, which means "first fruits of the harvest" in the African language Swahili, is a celebration that encourages people to look back in order to look to the future. It is celebrated primarily by African-Americans and people of African descent.

Kwanzaa is neither a political nor religious celebration despite some misconceptions, and it is not a substitute for Christmas. Peterson asserts that Kwanzaa is a "phony" holiday created by an ex-con, and these are among the reasons why Kwanzaa should not be celebrated. With Peterson's logic, people throughout the world shouldn't celebrate various holidays due to the "phony" and questionable origins of many.

Let's consider several so-called "holidays" in the United States - President's Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving.

President's Day

In 1968, legislation (HR 15951) was enacted that affected several federal holidays. The third Monday in February was designated as a day for honoring Presidents Washington and Lincoln, as well as all the other men who have served as president.

However, when looking at the history of some of these presidents, it makes you wonder about their crimes against humanity. According to record, Thomas Jefferson's personal records show he held 187 enslaved Africans. And we all should know about the public battle between Sally Hemings' black descendants and Jefferson's estate.

James Madison grew up in a slave-owning family and held African Captives all his life. JM inherited a captive named Ralph. When he owned the farm Highland - he held 30 to 40 enslaved Africans. In 1833, James Madison even sold several of his farms but not his captives. A year later he sold 16 enslaved Africans to a relative - with their permission, and America then had a president as a slave trader.

Other presidential enslavers were James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Ulysses S. Grant and others.

George Washington became a holder of enslaved Africans when his father died in 1743 and at the age of eleven, inherited ten slaves and 500 acres of land. Benjamin Franklin, "a founding father", held two enslaved Africans.

Where is Jesse Lee and his pack? Will we hear from them in February? Perhaps it will be too "un-American" to protest Presidents Day. I'm sure we will we hear the crickets again.

Independence Day

The 4th of July has been accepted as the official anniversary of United States independence. However, the marking of Independence Day of 1776 never included African Captives, and ultimately descendants of African Captives had to create Juneteenth, which many states now recognize, to celebrate eventual true freedom our ancestors were given in 1865. The 13th Amendment was added to the Constitution abolishing slavery (African Captivity) in 1865 - nearly 100 years after the American Revolutionary War ended.

And between 1798-1808, long after America got her freedom from Britain, the greatest importation of African Captives into the U.S. occurred - totaling approximately 200,000.

And Jesse Lee and his pack wants to call Kwanzaa "phony"?

Where is Jesse Lee and his pack? Will we hear from them in July? Perhaps it will be too "un-American" to protest Independence Day. I'm sure we will we hear the crickets again.

Columbus Day

In 1492, the Spaniard Christopher Columbus supposedly discovered the 'New World'; and it marked the beginning of Africans and Indians (of the so-called 'New World') getting traded and killed by Europeans, Arabs, and other Africans. Triangular trade between Africa, Europe and the New World happened without remorse. "The slave trade grew from a trickle to a flood, particularly from the seventeenth century onwards."

We've been bamboozled by people's appreciation for Columbus. Before Columbus sailed the Atlantic, he was a slave trader for the Portuguese, transporting West African people to Portugal to be sold as slaves. Columbus initiated the first Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

"Columbus, his brother, and his son all continued slave trading of indigenous peoples from the Americas (Caribs and Arawaks) to Europe and from Africa to the Caribbean. Under his administration as viceroy and governor of the Caribbean Islands, 8 million people were killed, making his "contribution" to history the first mass genocide of indigenous peoples. The Columbus legacy is steeped in blood, violence, and death. Public holidays celebrating Columbus not only teach children to honor a cruel and brutal man, they encourage people in this society to ignore, look away, and even support racist practices embedded in today's economic, political and judicial systems." Source

Where is Jesse Lee and his pack? Will we hear from them in October? Perhaps it will be too "un-American" to protest Columbus Day. I'm sure we will we hear the crickets again.

Thanksgiving Day

And last, November 24th marked "Unthanksgiving Day". According to the Associated Press, groups representing Palestinian, Aztec and African indigenous people joined Native Americans in dancing, chanting and prayers in California. "Traditional Thanksgiving feasting in the United States is a tribute to the meal the original European Pilgrims shared with the Native Americans who helped them survive in the new land." However, Native Americans now feel their ancestors were betrayed by the European Pilgrims. They feel that Europeans took the land from their ancestors after their people had helped the pilgrims establish themselves on the land. Unthanksgiving is growing in tradition. "We are reminding them we are still here, and still surviving," said Bear Lincoln.

Where is Jesse Lee and his pack? Will we hear from them in November? Perhaps it will be too "un-American" to protest Thanksgiving Day. I'm sure we will we hear the crickets again.

The hypocrisy of Jesse Lee and his pack is predictable. They would never attack holidays in which we honor (white) criminals, enslavers, and the hypocrisy of America because it would be too damaging to their hustle (or reward system). It would render them associated too closely with the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Their livelihoods would be compromised and they would be returned to field slave status. Nope, that ain't gonna happen.