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Eurocentrism, White Supremacy and the Religion WAR against KWANZAA and Maulana Karenga - A shamefull Agenda of Anti-Africaness and Black-Autonomy

[ CHRISTIANITY and the history of CHRISTUS is a FICTION but Black People must take it as truth ? Is 'GOD' a WHITEMAN ??? We know that AFRICA is the Cradle of the first MAN and WOMAN(all black) ]

Eurocentrism, White Supremacy and the Cutural and Relegion WAR against KWANZAA, Maulana Karenga and AFRIKA - A shamefull Agenda of Anti-Africaness and Black-Autonomy


- AFRICAN/BLACK PEOPLE like all other People in the WORLD have a RIGHT to RECONSTRUCT their own ancient RELIGION/SPIRITUALITY for a new purpose.

- We have not to JUSTIFY anything to anybody.

The Falsification of our HISTORY - Read this Shamefull Text by William J. Bennetta

The Kwanzaa Hoax

William J. Bennetta

"Anywhere we are, Us is."

That looks like a line from an Amos 'N Andy show. One can easily imagine that it served as the motto of the Mystic Knights of the Sea, and that it was recited by such characters as The Kingfish, Andy Brown and Algonquin J. Calhoun.

In fact, however, the line that I have quoted is the motto of a real organization -- a real organization that was originally named United Slaves but now calls itself The Organization Us (or simply Us or US). It was created some 40 years ago, in Southern California, by a black racist who had begun life as Ron N. Everett but later had assumed the name Maulana Karenga.

Karenga -- known chiefly as the inventor of Kwanzaa, a fake "African" holiday that he contrived in 1966 -- has enjoyed a truly colorful career. He was a prominent black nationalist during the 1960s, when his organization was involved in various violent operations. He was sent to prison in 1971, after he and some of his pals tortured two women with a soldering iron and a vise, among other things. He emerged from prison in 1974, and a few years later -- in a maneuver that even The Kingfish might have found difficult -- he got himself installed as the chairman of the Department of Black Studies at California State University at Long Beach. CSULB wasn't the only American university that got the racial willies during the 1970s and set up a tin-pot black-studies department, but CSULB (as far as I know) was the only one that hired a chairman who was a violent felon.

Karenga is still working at CSULB and is still running The Organization Us, and he and Us are still promoting his proprietary holiday, Kwanzaa. Prentice Hall is promoting it too, so The American Nation displays a picture of "an American family's celebration of Kwanzaa" -- but The American Nation doesn't tell anything about Karenga, about his rules for carrying out a "celebration of Kwanzaa," or about his make-believe Africanism. Let me supply some of the information that Prentice Hall has hidden:

Kwanzaa is supposed to be celebrated from 26 December through 1 January: It competes with Christmas and Chanukah while incorporating some echoes of both, e.g., gift-giving and a ceremony built around a seven-holed candle-holder that recalls Judaism's seven-branched menorah.

Karenga has concocted some bits of lore, lingo, and mumbo-jumbo that are intended to make Kwanzaa look like something out of Africa instead of something from Los Angeles County, but his efforts have been feeble. If you scan The Official Kwanzaa Web Site [see note 1, below], you'll read that the origins of Kwanzaa lie in "the first harvest celebrations of Africa," which allegedly "are recorded in African history as far back as ancient Egypt and Nubia" -- but there is no explanation of why any ancient Egyptians or Nubians might have held harvest festivals around the time of the winter solstice, and there is no identification of the crops that they harvested. Karenga's formula for celebrating Kwanzaa requires the use of two ears of maize -- but maize is a New World plant, and it wasn't known at all in ancient Africa.

True believers can purchase ears of maize and other Kwanzaa equipment (e.g., candles and seven-holed candle-holders and straw mats) from the University of Sankore Press, a company in Los Angeles. This outfit evidently is controlled by Us and serves as Us's marketing unit. It isn't a university press, and its name is a mockery. The so-called University of Sankore was an aggregation of Islamic schools that flourished at Timbuktu in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. No University of Sankore exists today.

In Karenga's Kwanzaa-lingo, ears of maize are called by the Swahili name "muhindi." In fact, all the objects that Karenga has worked into Kwanzaa have names taken from Swahili, which The Official Kwanzaa Web site describes as "a Pan-African language" and "the most widely spoken African language." The labeling of Swahili as a "Pan-African" language is rubbish. Swahili -- a Bantu tongue that includes many words absorbed from Arabic, from Persian and from certain Indian languages -- is spoken by some 50 million people (i.e., about 7% of Africa's population). Most of those Swahili-speakers are concentrated in eastern Africa, in a region that includes Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and a strip of Zaire. The language which is used most widely in Africa is Arabic; and indeed, Swahili was originally written in Arabic script [note 2].

Kwanzaa is a hoax -- a hoax built around fake history and pseudohistorical delusions. By attempting to dignify and promote Kwanzaa in The American Nation, Prentice Hall has joined in a flim-flam.


1. The Official Kwanzaa Web site is maintained by Us. [return to text]

2. A Roman-based alphabet has been used for writing Swahili since the mid-1800s. See the UCLA Language Materials Project's "Swahili Profile" at on the Web.

*William J. Bennetta is a professional editor, a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, the president of The Textbook League, and the editor of The Textbook Letter. He writes often about the propagation of quackery, false "science" and false "history" in schoolbooks.(?????????? by BOIS-CAIMAN-REDACTION)


4 Kommentare:

the truth hat gesagt…

[...]I wish Black people would stop burying their heads in the sand and start paying more attention to the HISTORY of Christianity (and all of the so called "world religions") and its role in enslaving our ancestors AND mentally enslaving our people-up to now! If we want to talk about TRUTH, why don't we start THERE? I'll tell you why, it's because most Black people can't handle THIS truth. Or I should say, they don't WANT to...because to do so would shatter their entire belief system. And then where would they turn? To the "heathen" spiritual systems of their ancestors? I think NOT! Not if it meant they could no longer be "washed as white as snow." "Merry Christmas"? Save it! Maybe this is the discussion that Black people REALLY need to have...

2008-12-28 09:16:39

abw hat gesagt…

Before, I get into the topic, I would like to say that in defense of Maulana Karenga, the Panthers were not above warfare. This is not to absolve Maulana Karenga of his mistakes,nor apologize just to say that the Panthers made their fair share of mistakes as well. To many people put the conflict between US and the BPP solely on US when both did their fair share of fighting to contribute to the conflict. The BBP, must as I respect them,sometimes routinelytortured and chastized members without cause. Still, I respect the accomplishments and contributions of US, the BPP, and other organizations that are unafraid to take a stand and do what is right. Anyway, dragonfly,I do think all holidays have become too materialistic and agree with your critique. I Know that Kwanzaa was not a direct holiday, but was patterned after harvest celebrations. As for your statement about corn, I do not think most blacks claim corn as a food of African origin as it was grown by Native Americans but African Americans eat it because we live in the U.S.(I know for a fact that Swahili is not a West African language but it is an African language. People should know more about past, present , and modern Africa still.) Still, Kwanzaa is an attacked holiday because it is designed for and by us. We constantly worship holidays not pertaining to our cuture, history, and tradition but you do not here other people, particularly non-Black people raise a stink about this but get mad because we have the audacity to want to celebrate and create our own holidays. We have as much right to celebrate our own holidays as we do everyone else. We have a right to define values, holidays, trditions, and customs that we deem important.

Cynthia hat gesagt…

It appears Kwanzaa is gaining momentum. I think this is what this is saying. The blacks I know will not allow whites to define who we are and what we should believe.

NmagiNATE hat gesagt…

Yet, all these "Christians" more or less co-exist with the commercialization and pagan Santa, tree, etc.

The so-called War On Christmas only became a "war" when different locales started suggesting Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas which really is enshrined in the Santa and tree, etc.

And, of course, we know this is all about European Cultural supremacy. This reminds me of Pat Buchanan's piece about the French Riots where contrasted the racial/ethnic divisions in France and the US deeming the situation in the US situation as something more manageable from the governments standpoint because Blacks in America had been ASSIMILATED.

So, we know what the root issue is. Again, Cultural Supremacy. And, truth be told, all cultures are created - i.e. made up.

So what's the issue?

You've pointed out the very thing that exposes the Kwanzaa attackers for the frauds they are. When they can go down the line and say (the Black ones... the White ones don't even begin to count)... when they can say what they find counterproductive in the Nguzo Saba then they can comment. Otherwise, they can keep their mouth shut unless they want a full scale war on Christianity complete with talking about the various paganism and manufactured elements contained in what they practice and believe.