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Revue ANKH - Journal of Egyptology and African Civilizations

Die ANKH ist eine wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift(Französisch/Englisch) der Cheikh Anta Diop-Schule für afrikanische Geschichte und Kemetologie (Egyptologie). Unter der Leitung von Prof. Theophile Obenga, der an der Seite von Prof. Diop 1974 in Kairo (Unesco-Kolloquium über den Ursprung der Altägypter) die eurozentristisch/rassistische Egyptologie à la Erik Hornung endgültig entlarvte, erscheint sie seit 1992. Die Zeitschrift ist eine unverzichtbare Grundlage für "Afrikananische Studien" jenseits des Eurozentrismus und des HEGELschen "Ethnologie-Fetischismus" der gewöhnlichen "Afrikanisten". Prof. Obenga ist heute Lehrstuhlinhaber der "African Studies" an der Staatsuniversität von San Francisco / USA

ANKH Nr.1 Februar 1992 / Inhalt: Contents of ANKH n° 1 - February 1992 :

Théophile OBENGA : The Review ANKH, Inaugural Editorial - Cheikh Anta DIOP’s Work, a living Legacy, Aboubacry Moussa LAM : Study of the membership of Ancient Egypt to the Negro-African World — Tools of Analysis and Methodology, Babacar SALL : Some Ethiopian Influences in Southern Europe, Théophile OBENGA : The "Chamito-Semitic" does not exist, Jean-Charles Coovi GOMEZ : Comparative Study of the Sacred Writings of Danxome and Hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt, Alain ANSELIN : The Ibis of Knowledge – Writing and Myth in Ancient Egypt, Jean Paul MBELEK : Interaction between Photons and Gravitons - Limitations Imposed to the Datation Radiometric Methods, Cheikh M’Backé DIOP: Hiéroglyphics and Computer, Bibliography.

ANKH Nr. 2 Inhalt: Contents ANKH n° 2 - April 1993 :

Théophile OBENGA : ARISTOTLE and the Ancient Egypt, Aboubacry Moussa LAM : mr , Farming Instrument through Time and Space, Gilbert NGOM : Genetic Relationship between Pharaonic Egyptian and the Modern Negro-african Languages : Example of the Duala, Oum NDIGI : Basaá, Pharaonic Egyptian and Coptic : First Steps Revealing an Unsuspected Relationship, Cheikh Anta DIOP : Walaf and Pharaonic Egyptian : Verb-forms, Louise Marie DIOP-MAES : Evolution of the Black Africa Population from the Neolithic Period to the Middle of the 20th Century, Wontcheu TCHAMÉNI : A Mathematical Formalism for Analysis and Automatic Control of the Fuzzy Systems, Jean Paul MBELEK : Derivation of the TULLY-FISHER Relation and Estimate of the HUBBLE's Constant Architecture, Bibliography.

ANKH Nr. 3 Inhalt: Contents ANKH n° 3 - June 1994

The 20 years of the Caire Meeting : "Peopling of Ancient Egypt and Meroitic Writing Deciphering", Théophile OBENGA : The Stele of IRITISEN or Humanity's first Treatise on Esthetics, Jean Pierre BAMOUAN BOYALA : Water in Egyptian funeral rites of the late period, Babacar SALL : The Emergence of the Candaces, Jean Charles Coovi GOMEZ : Meaning of the Word AKHU in Ancient Egypt and in Contemporary Black Africa, Aboubacry Moussa LAM : Sticks, Clubs and Scepters in Ancient Egypt and Black Africa, Günter BRÄUER : The African Origin of Modern Humans, Jean Paul MBELEK, Samory C. DIOP, Cheikh M'B. DIOP: On the Covariance of the Physical Laws in a Non Static Universe, Adoum NGABA-WAYE : Archaeology : L'A.I.P.A.

ANHK Nr. 4/5 Inhalt: Contents of ANKH n° 4/5 - 1995/1996

Cheikh Anta DIOP : Study of People Migrations in Subsaharian Africa - methodological approach, Fred WENDORF : Nabta Playa During the Early and Middle Holocene, Babacar SALL : HERKOUF and the Yam Country, Mubabinge BILOLO : Linearity of History and the Ideal of progress along the third millenium before Christ in Ancient Egypt. Intoduction to the pharaonic Philosophy of History, Gilbert NGOM : Ancient Egypt — Black Africa - Thought and Legends p, Aboubacry Moussa LAM : The head-dress : Another example of relationship between Ancient Egypt and Black Africa, Théophile OBENGA :The Egyptian Relationships — Sociological Aspects p, Hartwig ALTENMÜLLER : Der Grabherr des Alten Reiches als HORUS Sohn des OSIRIS, Troy D. ALLEN, Mario BEATTY, Greg K. CARR, Valethia WATKINS : The Celestial Sphere in Ancient Egypt, Pascal Kossivi ADJAMAGBO, Cheikh M'Backé DIOP : On the Measure of the Circle and of the Sphere in Ancient Egypt, Ayele BEKERIE : The History and Principles of the Ethiopic Writing System, Louise Marie DIOP-MAES : The Iron Age in Africa, Jean Paul MBELEK, Samory C. DIOP, Cheikh M'B. DIOP : Interpretation of the Hidden Mass and Dérivation of the TULLY-FISHER Relation, Théophile OBENGA: A comment on "Réflexions..." of M. L. BOUQUIAUX, Information about the International Colloquium on the Work of Cheikh Anta DIOP, Dakar february-march 1996.

ANKH Nr. 6/7 Inhalt: Contents ANKH n° 6/7 1997-1998

Théophile OBENGA: Pharaonic Anthropology with the Support of Texts, Aboubacry Moussa LAM : Ancient Egypt and Black Africa - On the Subject of Water, Gilbert NGOM : The Hieroglyphic Graphical Variations and Historical Phonetics of Ancient Egyptian Language and Modern Black African Languages, Bruce WILLIAMS : A Prospectus for Exploring the Historical Essence of Ancient Nubia, Babacar SALL : People and Cultures in Ancient Sahara, Mubabinge BILOLO : Aristotle and the Melanity of Ancient Egyptians, Mario BEATTY : On the Source of the Moon's Light in Ancient Egypt, Cheikh Anta DIOP : Contribution of Africa to Science - Egyptian Mathematics, Diaraf SECK : Existence of a Solution of a Bernoulli's Free Boundary Problem, Oum NDIGI : Thesis - Basaa of Cameroon and Egypto-Nubian Pharaonic Antiquity, Training of Egyptology and African Civilizations, Mars Exploration: Meeting with Cheick Modibo DIARRA, Music and History: Meeting with Randy WESTON, The ANKH web site on Internet.

ANKH Nr. 8/9 Inhalt: Contents ANKH n° 8/9 1999-2000

Cheikh Anta DIOP : La pigmentation des Anciens Egyptiens - Test par la mélanine, Babacar SALL : The image of the Nubio-Sudanese in Memphis. An historical reading, Aboubacry Moussa LAM : The whole story of Ahmes Nefertari is within her name, Mario H. BEATTY : The Title hry sst3 "Master of Secrets" : functional or honorific Ê ?, Mouhamadou Nissire SARR: The representation of mourning in the tombs of the Ancient Egyptian Empire, Théophile OBENGA : Africa, the cradle of writing, Théophile OBENGA : The haematoma of the petrosal bone, Ali Rochmon BRUCE : Between Hapy & YuÊ - comparative hydraulics and irrigation in the Nile valley and China, Hammady BOCOUM, Philippe FLUZIN : Iron reduction and processing Sincu-Bara, Louise Marie DIOP-MAES: Contribution of the physico-chemical datings to the knowledge of Africa's past, Théophile OBENGA : Calculation of the volume of the pyramid, Jean Paul MBELEK: Garrett Morgan, a great inventor of the XXth century, Cheikh Anta DIOP: Perspectives of the scientific research in Africa, Yeno ANONGWI : The oarswomen tale p Informations : Recent finds in Predynastic Egypt - Courses of Egyptology and African Civilizations - The ANKH'2000 day - Bibliography.

ANKH Nr. 10/11 Inhalt: Contents ANKH n° 10/11 2001-2002

Editorial : Les 10 ans de Ankh : Acquis récents de la recherche et histoire ancienne de l'Afrique, Babacar SALL : The sittings of Elephantine, Mario BEATTY : L'extension du sens du mot sst3, Troy D. ALLEN : Problems in Egyptology - Ancient Egyptian kinship, Théophile OBENGA: Ancient Egyptian is not a semitic, neither chamito-semitic language but a black african language, Gilbert NGOM : Biliterals and triliterals in the hieroglyphic writing, Théophile OBENGA : Pharaonic Egypt and Israel in Antiquity, Aboubacry Moussa LAM : Moses - An etymologic essay, Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud : L'observation de l'Etoile Sirius par les Dogon, Marc Lachièze-Rey : Le big-bang - vrais et faux problèmes, Moussa Balde : On one parameter families of Dido Riemannian Problems, Bibliography, informations.

ANKH Nr. 12/13

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