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Malcolm X Explains Yovodah and Black Nationalism [B-CAIMAN-RadioTV]

[ Catharina, NEW ORLEANS, 2005 ]

Editors Notes:

„Why have blacks been, in effect, responsible for much of the material success of Americas ? why did whites consider dispossession of blacks as essential to rise of industrial wealth ? Why has the continued relegation of blacks to outcast status united the rest of the nation ? Why did the black agitation of the sixties yield to the despair of the seventies and the indifference of the eighties and nineties ?
Face-to-Face pursues the answers to these and many other important questions as it examines the white and black trends in American history and contemporary culture. It traces the devasting economic, political and social effects of segregation, all too evident in our city ghettos. It lays bare the myths behind the black steorotypes, such as the Black Beast, the Contented Slave and Mulatto. Most of these steorotypes have sexual implications.
Even white writers and intellectuals as acclamed as William Faulkner, John Crowe Ransom, Norman Mailer and william Styron repeat and perpetuate them. Through her personal association with Malcolm X and other black rebels of the siyties, and her work for the old Freedom Now Party and The Liberator magazine, the autor is able to give unusual insight into the blacks´uphill struggle to archieve their own cultural autonomy and overcome the bias of white supremacy.“

About the Autor:
Rose L. H. Finkenstaedt, Ph.D., was educated at Vasser, the University of Michigan and Sorbonne. She received both her M.A. and her Ph.D. from columbia University. A former associate professor at Hofstra University, she lives in Paris.

Dieses Buch ist leider vergriffen !
Versuchen Sie es dennoch auf anderem Wege zu besorgen und erfahren Sie das, was die Eurozentristischen Medien und Propagandisten des Westens gern unterm Teppich kehren. Das Buch hat 430 Seiten und ist 1995 bei William Morrow & Company, Inc. in den USA erschienen.