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Eurocentrism: The "Trick" of Integration

The "Trick" of Integration

von Gerald Smith

Hotep Africans,

One of the greatest gifts of becoming "African-centered" is the clarity that it brings to the mind. Once clarity has been established, the brain is able to see the "connected-ness" of all of the

seemingly disparate things that hitherto did not make much sense.

I read a story in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago. Here are the first three paragraphs of that story:

Mark Whitaker, who began his career at Newsweek as a college intern in 1977 and went on to expand the magazine's technology and business coverage and then oversee the pyrotechnics of the Monica Lewinsky story as managing editor this year, was named editor of the magazine yesterday.

Mr. Whitaker, who is 41, had been supervising the day-to-day editorial operations of Newsweek since the magazine's previous editor, Maynard Parker, fell ill with leukemia a year ago; Mr. Parker, who had been editor for 16 years, died last month at the age of 58.

The appointment came as little surprise to Newsweek staff members, who have expected Mr. Whitaker to become editor. His new job is significant: it not only makes him the first black editor of a major news weekly but comes at a time when the three major news weekly magazines --Time and U.S. News & World Report along with Newsweek -- are undergoing a period of self-scrutiny, competing for an audience increasingly distracted by television, the Internet and other news outlets.

I have been studying this concept of "the first black" for sometime in my overall examination of how "white supremacy/racism" works. When I saw the article about Brother Whitaker, my mind immediately went back to recall the movie, "The Sting" which starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

In the movie Robert Redford and Paul Newman wanted to steal some money. They also did not want "to be seen" as common thieves. They had to create something to make themselves feel better and to avoid detection and imprisonment. The solution to both problems was the construction of an elaborate scheme; kind of a "high class - white collar" embezzlement. Everybody knows that "high class - white collar" embezzlement is not the same thing as a "low life - common" crime. White folks do "high" crime, and as to "low" crime .....well ....Ya know !!!!!

To pull off the scheme, they constructed an elaborate drama in which all of the elements which "appeared" to be authentic were in fact "bogus". In other words, the unreal was made to seem real. The plan was to pull off a gambling hustle where the mark would think that he is placing bets, playing cards and shooting craps in a "legitimate", "illegal" (how's that for an oxymoron) gambling parlor. At the most critical point in the transfer of the monies, Redford and Newman arranged for the police arrive to arrest everybody in the gambling house. The mark was "allowed" to escape, happy to avoid arrest - but without his money. What the mark learns much too late is that the gambling house, the cashiers behind the betting windows, the other gamblers, the service people and the police were all part of the sting.

Please remember the critical elements of the sting. There is a mark who thinks that he is a player while he is "in fact" being played. All of the elements around him which look authentic are "in fact" bogus. What is represented as real is, in fact, unreal. And to unravel the scheme, the mark has to face the fear that his money was in fact ripped off and the embarrassment that he was so easily fooled.

The concept of the "first one" is a scheme built upon the scheme of integration; which is built upon the scheme of western christianity; which is built upon the scheme of white supremacy/racism. The construction is careful and deceptive. To illustrate how it works, I've got to review some history.

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