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Büchervorstellung: YURUGU - An Afrikancentered Critique of European Cultural Thought And Behavior

YURUGU - An Afrikancentered Critique of European Cultural Thought And Behavior

"Incredible!! In this monumental work, Dr.Ani enlightens us on subjects to often overlooked and misunderstood.With the skill of a surgeon, Dr Ani dissects European hegemony over the minds of the Non European.She begins with Platonic thought which sets the stage for the overall genesis of European thought and behavior.She then drifts into religon,which for many is the most sacred of our sacred cows.She exposed religon in this context not merely as "mind control" as many atheists,Communists etc..would conclude, but as a well thought ot system that butresses European self being at the same time it "enslaves "non europeans.She deftly uses Swahili terms to encapsule difficult ideas and explains them thoroughly. An incredible book."

"Dr Marimba Ani`s Yurugu is a monumental achievement that will outlive European civilization. When in a few hundred years time scholars will be picking over the remains of Europe`s self-combustion, and puzzling over its pathological drive to exploit and dominate, Dr Ani`s anthropological masterpiece will still be feted as the work of a prophet without peer."

YURUGU: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior: African-Centered Critique of European Thought and Behavior, Dr. Marimba Ani (Hrsg.), Taschenbuch, 640 S., Africa Research & Publications, 1995

Das 640 seitige Buch kostet ca. 25 EUR

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